We strive to offer cost effective options for the CCRF community. In order to continue with the lowest possible charge-back, we have to enforce some of our policies.

  • Software packages will be made available in Softrack for the duration of the license for the FULL license price.
  • Software prices are updated periodically in accordance with the CCHMC budget process.
  • We reserve the right to adjust our recharge rate in the event of an unexpected fluctuation in user volume or significant price increase by the vendor.
  • Upon the designated renewal date for each software, all licenses of that software will be 'expired'.
  • All 'expired' licenses will need to be renewed at the designated renewal time, regardless of purchase date.
  • Any previously purchased software package that has since been 'expired' will need to be purchased again via Softrack in order to be installed.
  • Software cannot be transferred to another computer
  • Once a request is licensed, the submitted asset tag cannot be changed
Current SAS license expiration is being extended. Once the new contract has been processed, SAS will be available for purchase & renewal via Softrack.
Software Price Expiration date
MacVector Expires 2022-09-30 $350 30 Sep, 2022
Matlab Expires 2023-02-28 $25 28 Feb, 2023
nQuery Expires 2022-09-30 $635 30 Sep, 2022
GraphPad Prism Expires 2023-01-31 $60 31 Jan, 2023
Stata Expires 2022-10-12 $75 12 Oct, 2022
StatTransfer Expires 2022-10-31 $150 31 Oct, 2022
Ingenuity (Shared) Expires 2023-03-30 $4,000 30 Mar, 2023
JMP Expires 2023-05-22 $750 30 May, 2023
Sigmaplot Expires 2023-07-02 $175 02 Jul, 2023
Number of softwares available: 9