Softrack FAQs

  • What software packages are available for purchase?

    Navigate to the Softrack landing page and log in with your CCHMC credentials. Once logged in, click on the ‘Available’ tab; the name of the available software packages will be listed under ‘Software’.

  • What if I do not see the software I am looking for in the list?

    If the software you are looking for is not licensed thru BMI, you will need to request a quote from CHMC's preferred software vendor. To do so, please call the I.S. Service Desk at ext. 6-4100 and ask to be connected to our preferred software vendor. Upon receipt of the quote, you will need to process it just like any other quote, via PO #.

  • How do I place an order for software?

    To place an order for software, you must login into the Softrack system.

    1. Go to and click on the ‘login’ icon in the upper right hand corner.
    2. Enter your CCHMC login credentials.
    3. Once logged in, click on the ‘Available’ tab.
    4. Then click on the ‘Request’ tab next to the software you wish to purchase.
    5. Provide all the pertinent information needed for your request and then click ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page to submit your request for processing.

  • How do I check the status of my software order?

    1. Go to and click on the ‘login’ icon in the upper left hand corner. If already logged in, click on ‘Softrack’ in the upper left hand corner to be returned to landing page.
    2. Then click on the ‘My licenses’ which will display the status of your request.
    3. The order will remain in ‘requested’ status until the order is fulfilled.
    4. Once the order has been fulfilled, the status will be updated to ‘licensed’.
    5. All of the BMI software requests that have been fulfilled through the interface will show in the list of ‘List of validated licenses‘.

  • If my software has not been installed within 3 days, what do I do?

    1. First step is to check the status of your request using the process described in the above question ‘How do I check the status of my software order?’
    2. If the status is shown as ‘requested’ then the request has not been fulfilled as yet. Please wait for your request to be fulfilled.
    3. If the status is shown as ‘licensed’ then you should attempt to install the software using the OS specific self-service directions provided below.
    4. Please ensure that your computer is powered on and connected to the CCHMC network.
    5. Once the software has been successfully installed, please restart your computer.
    6. If the program is not available in self-service for installation, or you receive an error during installation, please send an email to with the software name, the asset tag, and the problem that you are experiencing.

    For Windows systems:

    1. In the lower-left corner of the taskbar, click on either the Windows icon WindowsIcon or on the Search icon SearchIcon
    2. Type Software
    3. Select ‘Software Center’ SoftwareCenter
    4. Choose the software package you ordered from the list
    5. Click ‘Install’

    For Mac systems:

    1. Navigate to ‘Self-Service’SelfServiceIcon
    2. Login with your CCHMC credentials.
    3. Choose the software package you ordered from the list.
    4. Click Install.

  • What should be the format of the Budget Number being used?

    1. BU is 31 and is a Project:
      Example: 31-#####-666350-######-31-######-001-##

    2. BU is 31 but is a non-Project:
      Example: 31-#####-666350-######-31-######-001

    3. BU is not 31:
      Format: (GLBU-FUND-ACCT-DEPT)
      Example: #######-666350-######